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Bureau of Civil Affairs – Office Automation System of Bureau of Civil Affairs of Chengdu Municipality

Based on the “Civil affairs Information Platform”, it is an office automation system in China that is closely combined with the civil affairs operations system. Developed on the basis of the J2EE and MVC technical frameworks, it uses a domestically and internationally advanced software architecture for data integration with the operations system, portal, special care system, online filing system, etc. Compared with presentation layer integration and function integration, it provides greater flexibility and advantages. Based on web applications, it enables wider applications without the need for complex facilities. It may be built on an LAN or WAN and supports online office work and provides non-interruptible services, thus transforming the traditional centralized office work style by expanding office areas. Based on process applications, it builds a dynamic, standard, smooth and efficient process system and, by consolidating existing processes, ensures standard and efficient operations. Based on process-driven information, materials and capital flows circulate internally without hurdles. Last, it updates relevant data by linking the background database.

System Screenshot

Office automation system functional diagram

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